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Curtiss CUSTOM Knives over 25 instock!!!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderMr David Curtiss is bringing his famous EDC Knives to our shop. The Curtiss Knives F3 Series was born out of the need for a hardcore, quality, american-made folding knife The standard F3 series knives are made using N690 blade steel, full titanium frames and Curtiss Knives patented S.P.O.T. Pivot system
– which combines several integral parts of a high quality flipper into one piece for a cleaner and more sleek appearance.

All knives are full titanium framelocks. The titanium is 0.160″ thick.
Standard frame finish is blasted and stonewash.
S.P.O.T. pivot system. Stop pin over travel. This pivot is locked into place with the stop pin on the lock side to prevent rotation and provides lock bar over travel protection.
Hidden 1/8″ high strength hardened stop pin.
IKBS bearing system for ultra smooth and quick operation.
Lock face carbidized for maximum wear resistance.
Recessed titanium pocket clip with Curtiss Knives crosshairs logo and tip up carry.
The standard blade steel is 0.56″ thick, Bohler N690 rc60.
Knives feature standard stainless standoffs .

Check out his website at http://www.curtissknives.com/

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